At Hurley Medical Center, we believe that understanding asthma can be both educational and fun. Below are some activities that can help you better understand your asthma and have fun doing it.

You are not alone in managing your asthma. Learn how Tonya, with the help of her doctor and family, uses an inhaler to keep her asthma under control in “All About Asthma.”

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Sharpen your skills and find the hidden words in the Allergy and Asthma Word Search or the Food Allergy Word Search, and find your way out of the Meeyowa Monstera Maze or the Big Bad Roach Maze. Click on the pictures, print them out, and have fun! Click here to play.

Since you have asthma, you need to be extra careful at school. Can you find the asthma triggers that might be in your classroom? Click on the image below and put your mouse over the potential triggers. Click on the key for answers.

In this coloring book, you will find superheroes who fight morning, noon, and night trying to wipe out asthma so kids can learn, play and breathe easier. The asthma bad guys can be big troublemakers. You should try to avoid them as much as you can. To download the coloring book, click here.

Looking for some cool ideas for a project for school? Interested in doing something related to asthma? Check out these subjects. They have lots of great information.
The Human Body

. Exercise & Sports
. Food & Cooking
. Anaphylaxis
. Earth
. Insects

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