You are a special parent. Your child has asthma. We understand how hard it is for your child to have an active life and keep their asthma under control. This website will show you how you can help your child do both.

By taking a few important steps, you can control your child’s asthma so he or she can run and play, go to school, and stay out of the hospital.

1.  Take your child to the asthma doctor at least twice a year when he or she is well — don’t wait until they’re sick.

2. Your child’s asthma medicine may need to be adjusted from time to time so stay in close touch with your doctor.

3. Create an Asthma Action Plan. This will explain what to do when:

  • Your child is feeling well
  • He/she is showing signs of asthma and should be watched
  • It’s an emergency and your child should go to the hospital
  • Here’s an example of an Asthma Action Plan in English and In Spanish.
  • Contact your child’s doctor or nurse to get the right asthma action plan for your child

4. Know what medicine your child should take when. There are two kinds of medicines that treat asthma:

  • Quick-relief or ‘rescue’ medications that help right away
  • Long-term controller medications that need to be taken all the time
  • Download this medicine guide.

5.  Make sure your child knows how to use his/her inhaler. Your child’s doctor or nurse will show you and your child the right way to use the inhaler. To see kids doing it, click on the orange square — How To Use Your Inhaler — on the right side of this page.

6. Reduce asthma triggers in your house. Triggers are things that can cause an asthma attack. Many of these triggers are in your house. To learn how to clean your house to take away triggers, click on the light green square — How To Asthma-Proof Your House — on the right side of this page. Download this list of triggers.

For help controlling your child’s asthma, contact our Asthma Disease Managers:

Jennifer Paling, RN, AE-C
Hurley Asthma Disease Management
Genesee County Asthma Network

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do around someone with asthma. If you smoke, the best way to control your child’s asthma is to stop. For help in quitting smoking, click here.

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