The most important thing to know about asthma is to Know the Zones. There are three zones designed to help you and your child keep track of their asthma symptoms. These zones are green, yellow, and red. Each zone outlines the current breathing condition and asthma symptoms your child is experiencing.

Our goal is to always be in the green zone. For a complete explanation of each zone and what steps to follow, please continue reading.

The Green Zone is all about maintaining your child’s respiratory health and keeping asthma symptoms under control. In this phase, parents should watch for early signs of asthma and continue to give daily medicine.

The Yellow Zone is a crucial asthmatic state for your child. Left untreated, your child will experience an asthma attack. In this phase, your child has already begun to experience early signs of asthma. To avoid an asthma attack, you should give your child quick relief medicine and call their physician if symptoms persist or worsen. Also be sure to refer to your child’s customized Asthma Acton Plan.

The Red Zone is the most serious asthmatic state. In this phase, your child is having an asthma attack and is currently in respiratory distress. This is an emergency and immediate action must be taken. Contact your child’s health professional. continue giving quick-relief medicine, and following your child’s customized Asthma Acton Plan.

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